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All our courses are designed to teach you the basics of keeping livestock in a fun and practical way. We will start the day in the classroom taking the first steps towards learning the paper work side of keeping livestock such as registering with DEFRA, getting a CPH number, the legal requirements when keeping livestock, how much land you will need and producing and selling meat.


Our livestock have been carefully chosen for our small holding but we will provide you with knowledge to choose livestock that best suits your need and land requirements.


You will learn about the types of fencing, housing and feed for your choice of animals. You will learn about their behaviour and their traits.


On our farm we keep native breeds such as Grey face Dartmoor sheep and Dexter cattle along with commercial breeds of sheep such as Mules and Texels. We also have rare breed hen breeds such as Speckled Sussex.


We neighbour a fabulous café bar and some amazing glamping pods so we have to prefect place to stay on the border of Lancashire and North Yorkshire. Close to Gisburn where you’ll find Gisburn forest with bike tracks and foot trails. Skipton is near, known as the gateway to the Dales and all the Yorkshire dales has to offer.


At the end of our courses we leave time to answer any further questions and Gill will also be available to follow up with any advice you may need once you start on the route of owning livestock. 


Available Courses (available from spring 2021)

1 day course

£120 plus VAT

Keeping Chickens (Beginner)

This course will benefit those who would like to own 2 or 50 hens. The course cover everything from hatching to feeding and housing. The course will also cover ailments and treatments to some of the common illnesses in hens. You will leave feeling confident about taking on your own clutch of chooks.

2 day course

£190 plus VAT

Keeping Sheep (Beginner)

This course will benefit people who are wanting to take on their first flock. Whether you are wanting to keep sheep for their fleece, meat or just as a pet this course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to run your own flock covering health care, land management, breeding and lambing, the practicalities of owning sheep, what to look for when choosing you sheep and making the most of your produce.

2 day course

£190 plus VAT

Keeping Goats (Beginner)

A course for those who want to keep goats it takes you through the joys of goat herding. You will learn about health issues, practicalities of owning goats, how to choose your breed, fencing, stocking density, land management and housing, leaving you confident to take on your first flock.

1 day course

£120 plus VAT

Keeping Pig (Beginner)

Have you ever wanted to raise your own pigs? This course will walk you through pig rearing from birth to finish. You will learn about their behaviour, housing, feed and health issues. It will help you gain knowledge about breeding traditional pigs, moving pigs, legal requirements and general husbandry.

1 day course

£120 plus VAT

Bee Keeper (Beginner)

One this day course you will meet our bees through a hands on introduction to our bee colonies. You will learn about the natural lifecycle of honey bee, basic bee biology, how to keep your bee colony healthy, feed them, prevent disease and harvest honey and bee wax.

1 day course

£200 plus VAT

Lambing Shed (Beginner)

This course will run between February to April. On this course you will find out what it’s like to be in the lambing shed. You will learn how to care for a pregnant ewe, recognise signs of labour, common problems, and deliver after care to the ewe and lambs.

1 day course

£150 plus VAT

Keeping Cattle (Beginner)

This course will introduce you to the practicalities of keeping cattle, including herd health, legal requirements , breeds of cattle, daily tasks and routine treatments, housing and fencing.

2 day course

£250 plus VAT

Introduction to small holding

This course covers how to register your land with DEFRA, paperwork management, stocking densities, fencing, housing, breeds and behaviour. You will learn how to handle and pen livestock and good stockmanship and general care of the animals you may choose to be on your small holding.



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