All video calls are £5 for 5 minutes 

All our animals are full of character and charm! They would make a great addition to your video call to bring some smiles! Alternatively, I can give a virtual introduction to the farm animals to entertain your team and brighten up your day. 

They are ideal to start any meetings, family or as a treat call and can be organised over all social media platforms. To get in touch and arrange your call please contact us at or through our Facebook page 



Our Animals


Jemima is our matriarch nanny goat, she rules the herd with her gentle but firm nature. Jemima is 8 years old and was born here with us on the farm. She is very affectionate and loves her humans and loves cuddles and scratches behind the ears.

What to expect on her calls:

  • Bleating about her day
  • Up close experience
  • Gentle and calming


Ginny is Jemma’s daughter, and she is 6 years old. Ginny is more reserved but is still very affectionate.

What to expect on her calls:

  •  A calming attitude
  • Shy but inquisitive
  • Happy and gentle

Bobby goat gruff

Bobby is our very friendly Billy goat who loves bananas! Some days he does what he wants other days he happy to perform but he’s always entertaining.

What to expect from his calls:

  • Something different every time
  • It’s a good job you don’t have smellivision!
  • The occasional trick, when he’s in the mood.

The pygmies

Meet our little family of pygmy goats, Mary (mum), Dixie (daughter) and Reggie (son). This mischievous trio are cheeky and live up to the Pygmy attributes.

What to expect from their calls:

  • Cheekiness
  • Anything goes
  • Diva-ness


Hiccup is our beautiful valais blacknose tup. He’s everyone’s “want one” sheep. Only being with us since last summer he’s well and truly made his mark!

What to expect on his call:

  • Elegance
  • Cuddly
  • Lots of ooo’s and arrr’s


Stumpy was born at our farm and is now 6 years old. Although part of our commercial flock Stumpy is very much of one of the “pet” sheep and will live with us forever (much to my husbands dismay). She has triplet lambs every year and we always raise 2 while she raises one as she is only running on one cylinder (farmer talk for only us one side of her udder working).

What to expect from her call:

  • Much affection
  • Any thing for a bit of cake (sheep food, not actual cake)
  • Diligence to her audience


Pippa is our pet mini pig, she’s very cute (in her own way) and loves a good scratch on her belly and behind her ears.

What to expect from her call:

  • Piggie cuteness
  • A steady gentleness
  • Grunts and snuffles


Teacup is our smallest cow, standing at 46” tall! She is 4 years old and expecting her 3 calf in May 2021! Teacup is a dexter crossed with a belted Galloway and is a little pocket rocket!

  • Full of pizazz
  • Cuteness
  • Iddlebiddle-ness



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